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Sunday, July 8, 2007


Hello everybody and welcome to the new Metal Master website. I hope to update my blog regularly with wrestling news, diet/fitness advice, along with my thoughts of today's pro wrestling world.

I really hope to update my wrestling calendar soon. It is not that I have neglected to update it, I just do not have many wrestling bookings in the month of July. I have a few to add but it appears to be a very slow month so far. I do have other things going on that are keeping me busy though. I have been training everyday, along with training other people as well. I have also been reading several books a week along with learning my Japanese and Spanish languages on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, the HWA closed its doors last Tuesday. I started my career with the HWA and I hope it returns again soon in some shape or form. Hopefully we hear something from Cody Hawk soon about the return of the "HWA".

Well that is all for today. Hope to write more soon. Take a look around the new website and let me know what you think!

The Metal Master


Verena said...

You should learn German as well ;)

Lisa Kay said...

Metal Master, Is a great trainer with a lot to learn from!
Lisa Kay