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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Awesome show in Southend

Last night in Southend was one of the best shows I've been on in years. I also had one of the best matches I've had in a long time against Robbie Dynamite. The crowd of over 1,500 was electric all night long for the show which is how wrestling SHOWS are supposed to be. Unfortunately, many independent wrestling promotions forget that they're actually putting on a show to entertain people and instead put on these miserable 5 hour long events. I refuse to call them shows because they're obviously not entertaining the spectators after the first 2.5 hours. I hope word gets out soon on the style of shows that All Star Promotions puts on because alot can be learned from them and hopefully help the business over here and in the states.

I was very proud of the match I had with Robbie Dynamite. Robbie keeps getting better and is one of the best talents here in Europe. I did more high flying last night with Robbie which is what I'm trying to add more of to my performances. The Jackhammer proved once again to be a valuable specialty move as it got me the win and a huge reaction from the fans.

Next show is Friday in Telford. Hope to have more great news after that show as well.

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Kim said...

Hey I was at the Telford show... I went backstage too and got your autograph but was too shy to talk lol. Good show!