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Thursday, February 21, 2008


The past two weeks I've been working the Butlins Holiday Camp shows. The atmosphere on these shows are incredible. I"d have to say we perform before an average audience of 1000 people every night. The drives can be downright awful though. We average 6-8 hours a day on the road, depending on the traffic. This really bothers my knees alot but I've been doing alot of knee circle exercises before my matches and this seems to work really well. I try to live on the cheap while I'm doing the camps so I can save up as much money as I can. My diet has consisted of Tuna/Oranges/Water, and I've been saving money by doing my combat conditioning either in my room or in the ring before the show. This saves me from spending money by going to a gym nearby.

I have two more camp shows this week and then I am wrestling in Salisbury on Saturday. Salisbury is one of my favorite halls to wrestle in here in the UK. The lighting in the hall, and the seating arrangment makes it for a great atmosphere to perform in front of. It doesn't hurt that every seat will be full as well! I'm adding a few pics today to this blog from my tag match earlier this month in Southampton that consisted of myself tagging with the American Dragon against Rene Dupree and Carl Oulette.


maria said...

I'm so disappointed i've missed you! My boys love wrestling and we are going to butlins holiday camp this weekend and it would have been great for them to have watched your show! it looks great!

Chad said...

which camp you going to? we'll be in bog friday, minehead saturday, and skeggy on sunday