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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tagging with Jonny Storm in FCW next month

Next month at the FCW show in Birmingham i finally get the chance to tag up with Jonny Storm. Yes, tag up, not wrestle him like we've done all over the UK since 2001. We'll be facing the team me Rigor mortis and saul adams. Should be great. Its been a while since i've last posted but there really hasn't been too exciting to write since i've been stuck wrestling the same guys at butlins day after day. The schedule for All Star really picks ur at the end of april and I'LL be performing on sometimes as many as 9 shows a week. I hope to report some very BIG news for this summer as i am currently in negotiations with a major american wrestling promotion. More on this later when i know its official. I have toe next two days off and plan on making the most of it by training at the gym, reading, and hopefully catch a movie for the first time since arriving here in december. Any suggestions from anybody?

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karl robinson said...

Hey there metal master great show at FCW. Hope that you can make it into WWE or TNA. Oh and about the movies to watch if you can go and watch Dwayne ' The Rock ' Johnson in the movie called The Game Plan. Excellent actor with some extra talents.